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About me

Let me introduce myself, I'm Lady Zaika, a 30 year old amateur model. I have been passionate about photography since the age of 18. After a period of about 3 years off, for personal reasons, I came back and rediscovered the love of that art in 2018. You will find all of my work here. Access to uncensored photos is through a paying plan to protect my image, my work and also to support me and help me invest  in future projects. I mainly work in the Lille region but I can travel within France and other countries (usually European and North American). I am also a dancer and am currently working on video projects which you will also find here.

PS: Some photos are not in HD (especially those before November 2018) because I lost them and I was only able to recover the facebook quality. If I manage to contact the photographers to retrieve them, they will immediately be posted in good quality.

Photographer : Lodovicus Nym
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